Current Projects


-The Foundation is working with children and schools to make sure children have proper supplies and other educational materials.


-We are actively assisting young, qualified individuals in obtaining scholarships in nursing, teaching and other vocations.

Longterm Projects

Helping the Rural Towns in Haiti


Ever since the earthquake which devastated Port-Au-Prince in early 2010,  thousands of Port-Au-Prince residents who have survived the earthquake have been returning to the rural areas of the country. So the town of Les Anglais is seeing her share of refugees. This town is very ill equipped to absorb the overflow. One big way to help earthquake survivors in Haiti is surely by helping unaffected towns in the countryside cope with the influx of large numbers of new migrants. We can help them by bringing some the relief resources to their shores.


The Anastasie Aubourg Foundation is proposing to increase the capacity of the (catholic) schools to receive more children by improving classroom conditions (classroom repairs), hiring more teachers, increasing the possibility and capacity to provide school lunch. Oftentimes these school lunches are the only meal these children will have for the day. And the Immaculate Conception School, the only school of the Town, badly needs a generator or a solar panel to provide power. This will provide an outlet to help thousands of children, and create jobs in the community. There are many other needs but for now we are asking for your help and donations to accommodate the children first.


The School has a dispensary which had been closed for many years due to lack of resources. It could be reopened if even minimal resources were available: a school nurse, medications, blood pressure cuff, thermometers, small, portable stat lab machines for blood sugar / Hemoglobin / hematocrit tests, resources for dressing/wound care, a couple of exam beds, etc.


Helping the Community of Carrefour in Port-au-Prince


While our focus has been the town of Les Anglais, the initiative supported by the Anastasie Aubourg Foundation has been significantly active for over 10 years in Carrefour, a district of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In this already poor and overcrowded section of the Capital city even before the recent earthquake, we have sponsored a long list of children over the years.


We have covered and continue to cover the annual cost of their schooling as well as the cost of their medical care whenever needed.


Because the needs are so many and the numbers so vast, we have realized that the personal help of one or two individuals is far too little. We have established this Foundation as an umbrella to help these poor and needy communities of Haiti receive more help from many more caring hands.

Helping the Town of Les Anglais, Southwest of Haiti


We have been supporting the Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Les Anglais, Haiti for over 12 years. The congregation of the Sisters of St Ann have founded and run this primary School for about 50 years now.  We have been helping yearly in providing school materials for the use of young schoolers as well as funding classroom repairs.


The town of Les Anglais, which is a coastal town located in the Southwestern part of Haiti, suffers yearly significant damages during the hurricane season. Despite the endemic scarcity of resources, the catholic nuns remain ever more committed to provide education and care to the children of the town. And so we have been helping year after year repair damages to the premises brought about by the hurricanes and keep the school running.


We have also been providing funding for summer activities for the youth of Les Anglais, such as soccer tournaments, soccer being the No 1 popular sport in Haiti, basketball tournaments and other recreational summer activities.


Lastly, we have sponsored local micro enterprise programs such as providing funds to local fishermen for the purchasing of fishing nets and small fishing boats.

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