About the Foundation


The main objectives of the Anastasie Aubourg Foundation are to:

Promote education and improve public health and well-being in impoverished communities primarily of Haiti and elsewhere in the Third World where possible.


Assist in socially and economically empowering these communities in order to help them move forward to a better future.

This foundation has been registered under State and Federal Law. Under the US Federal Registry this Foundation has 501(c) (3) status granted in 2011. This Foundation has been granted legal status under Massachusetts State Law in late 2010.


The initiative behind the Anastasie Aubourg Foundation however had been informally in the making for over 15 years. We have been particularly active in the town of Les Anglais, Haiti, which is our primary area of concern, as well as in the area of Carrefour in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. See the Projects that we have undertaken in those areas.

The Anastasie Aubourg Foundation | 2018